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Welcome To The Hotel Timewarp

October 9, 2013
Room detail. Delicious timber trimmings.

Room detail. Delicious timber trimmings.

To me, nostalgia is a dish best served in a bright orange Pyrex casserole, with a side serving of cauliflower cheese and a bottle of Mateus Rose.

I loved the 1970s. I was a child in that fabulous and garish decade and I spent most of it running barefoot through seemingly endless Australian summers: a skinny, fair-haired kid, always on my bike, or in a pool, or wolfing down slices of vegemite-streaked toast.

Our family home was built in 1974 and was of its era: wood-panelled walls, green carpet, bright kitchen tiles, all protected by a brown-brick exterior. It was the backdrop to a joyful time and I think that’s why I get a bit misty-eyed whenever I happen upon an authentic slice of the 70s.

Which brings me to the hotel Melia Palas Atenea, an imposing establishment on the waterfront of Palma de Mallorca. It’s not the sort of hotel I would choose, but our recent flight back to London got cancelled and that’s where British Airways put us up for the night.

The hotel is being revamped and most of its public areas and rooms have already been brought sleekly into line with contemporary trends. But some rooms remain untouched; the hotel describes these as Classic Rooms and I believe they date from the 1970s. I’m not an expert in the interior décor of the era so I’m happy to stand corrected. I’m sure that some aspects have been updated over the years (there was a flat screen telly for one thing) but the “bones” of these charmingly dated rooms feel authentic to me. Please have a look at my picture gallery and tell me what you think.

I suspect these rooms will be overhauled soon; I read somewhere that the rest of the renovation is to be completed in 2014. For that reason, I’m really glad I experienced Room 107 and felt inspired to take these photos.

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  1. How weird this is the hotel I’ve booked into this weekend. My niece recommended it.

    • Ha! Well, apparently the breakfast is amazing. Everyone was raving about it. The bar in the lobby is pretty ace too, you’ll feel a bit Bond. Enjoy!

  2. We must be about the same age. My first real memories start in Nigeria in the mid-1970s where we lived in a doctors house complete with retro hospital wing. Then back to St Helens (near Liverpool) and brown tunic and trouser sets, blue psychedelic wallpaper and brown carpets and curtains. I think I would love this hotel!

    • Hi Mandy, yes I think you would! I love that the public areas, even though they’ve been done up, still have a glamorous seventies feel to them. A bit Bond, in a Roger Moore kind of way.

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