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Breakfast Delivered To My Door? A Dream Comes True In SE18

March 2, 2015
Breakfast arrives in paper bags, the goodies attractively packaged.

Breakfast arrives in paper bags, the goodies attractively packaged.

In my fantasy world, I live in nothing but five-star hotels. I wake up on the weekend, reach for the phone, dial ‘0’, and give Room Service my order: a fresh, soft bap filled with the best locally-sourced bacon and a glass of freshly-squeezed juice, please. Or perhaps a Full English and the papers?

Hannah, the owner and creative force behind new SE18-based business BednBreakfast, understands where I’m coming from. In her Shooters Hill home, she cooks delicious breakfasts to order. Her drivers then deliver the goods, still-warm and beautifully-packaged (the food, not the drivers) to SE London postcodes including SE6, SE10, SE18, and  SE28 (for a full list see the website).

This is a local business that brings joy, relief, and medicinal bacon to people. People who, like me, have lain in bed of a weekend most of their adult lives just wishing they could get a bacon sarnie delivered.

Last Sunday, Hannah was kind enough to send a veritable feast to my front door so I could experience BedNBreakfast for myself. Disclaimer: I got it for free. However, I’d have happily paid and I look forward to becoming a regular customer.

After I’d tucked away a sausage, egg, and cheese bap, then a plate of mushrooms, fried egg, cheesy beans, and bacon, and THEN had a nibble on a mushroom and sausage omelette, I wanted to know more. I washed everything down with freshly-pressed apple juice first, then fired off a few questions to Hannah:


Hannah, please tell us a bit about yourself. Who does all the cooking?

To be honest, I cook the food myself and have employed drivers to deliver. In time I will hire an assistant. I have had a career in teaching for the last 12 years and have a level 2 catering and hygiene certificate. I just love to cook and eventually want to deliver your whole days meals from breakfast to dinner and dessert! My home made coleslaw is to die for and I can’t wait to roll that out!

How did you come up with the idea for delivering breakfast?

While living in Taiwan, for just under two years, I fell in love with the ease of the cooking and the fact that everything could be delivered to you, especially breakfast. I also learned to speak mandarin!

Can you tell me who some of the suppliers are? Your ingredients seem top quality.

All but one of my suppliers are on the same road (Old Dover Road in Blackheath). My sausages are from GG Sparkes, their traditional Cumberlands, and my fruit and veg is from the greengrocers right next door, Apple and Orange. My bread is from the bottom of the same road, from a bakery called Hirst. I use their multigrain loaf, thick cut, and white bloomer thick cut, as well as their baps. And, lastly, my bacon is from Heaps Sausages in Greenwich. So it’s all top quality and local!
You can build your own Full English, choosing from the items shown here, plus black pudding, grilled tomatoes and plantain. Nom nom nom.

You can build your own Full English, choosing from the items shown here, plus black pudding, grilled tomatoes and plantain. Nom nom nom.

Fantastic! It shows. And how do the drivers keep everything warm while it’s being delivered?

The food is transported in a special heated bag (the sort that can also be used for pizza delivery) that can keep food warm for up to 90 minutes.

If people wake up on the day and want to place an order, what’s the latest they can do that?

I take last orders at 2:45pm. Preordering is always welcome as it makes it much more efficient and personal. Exciting news on the horizon is that BNB will be launching its very own android app
in a few weeks. The app will allow customers to see all that’s happening at the BNB hub, and you’ll be able to place an order and pay using your debit/credit card without even speaking to me! Or you can simply call on the day. I try to meet everyone’s needs.
Hannah, you have met a UNIVERSAL NEED and this blogger salutes you!
Details: and follow on Twitter @bednbreakfasttt

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