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Royal Military Academy and a stormy Woolwich sky

Royal Military Academy and a stormy Woolwich sky

I spent the first four decades of my life in Melbourne and now I find myself on the other side of the world, living in Woolwich. I tweet as The Only Way Is Woolwich @TOWIWoolwich and you can also find me on Instagram as TOWIWoolwich.

I love living in Woolwich. There’s nothing like this place where I come from.

I blog about Woolwich and surrounding areas. Being from elsewhere, I don’t buy into the whole north-versus-south-of-the-river thing that seems to galvanise Londoners. I’ve strayed further south than Woolwich and further north than Camden. I once took four night buses across six Oyster Card zones to get home.

I’m also now expanding the blog to touch on some of the stuff I do away from Woolwich and, indeed, London. Travel, eat, explore, photograph. All the good things. But I always go “home” to Woolwich.

  1. So pleased you enjoy living in Woolwich – it is such an under valued place with so much to offer.

    • I agree, and that’s the main driver behind this blog. Thanks for your comment!

      • Hi

        Read through blog which states that large parts of the Woolwich Equitable offices in General Gordon Square are unused – looking for a venue to run art group, can you help or advise?

  2. You are not completely correct: there is a Woolwich between the Lane Cove and Parramatter Rivers, Sydney. Not far away, across Lane Cove River, there is a Woolwich township, too. Not an accident but townships founded by people who once worked in the Woolwich Royal Naval Dockyard and who looked for a new life, next to a river, in Australia. Apparently, there used to be a connection, back in the 1930s.

  3. Lucy Fletcher permalink

    Would like to get in touch with you about your location photography of Woolwich.
    Thanks, Lucy

  4. Hols permalink

    Thank you for this blog and thank you for your passion for Woolwich.

    I was born in The British Hospital for Mothers and Babies in Francis Street a year before it closed in 1984 and have lived in Woolwich and surrounding areas since.

    I always try and champion Woolwich and Plumstead to my colleagues who work locally on a high profile project.

    I came across your blog whilst collecting some information, and thanks to you I have learned some new things about my home town and have been reminded of some history I had forgotten about.

    Now I have more to say than “It’s not so bad!”.

    I remember going to The Woolwich / Equitable House to pay some money into my savings account, I can almost remember the smell of the hall …. a fantastic building. I miss it.

  5. Hello…It was so lovely to meet you yesterday at the Tweeters group at Julia’s café. So that was you who took that wonderful picture 🙂

    You have such a wonderful blog about Woolwich and the area. I created a website called to consolidate all the wonderful resources available that are promoting Woolwich and the Royal Arsenal. Please check it out and let me know if I can put a link to your blog on there.

    All the best

    • Hi Louise, it was great to meet you too! And thanks for your very kind comments about my blog. It keeps me out of mischief (sort of). I’d love for you to include a link to it, on your site. When I get around to working out how to do the same, I’ll reciprocate. I’m not the most technically-minded person 🙂
      One of the things I feel most passionately about is encouraging people who live on the Arsenal to cross the road and explore the area, rather than only heading for the DLR. Hope to catch up again soon!

      • theteam permalink



        Thanks for the reply and I will be putting the additional site and blogs up over the coming days. Just want to work out the best way to get them all maximum exposure 🙂

        see you at the next meeting/event to support Woolwich.


        > On November 9, 2013 at 5:57 PM towiwoolwich > wrote: towiwoolwich commented: “Hi Louise, it was great to meet you too! And > thanks for your very kind comments about my blog. It keeps me out of mischief > (sort of). I’d love for you to include a link to it, on your site. When I get > around to working out how to do the same, I’ll recipro” >

  6. Hi There,

    Love your blog – I live and have set up my own jam making company in Plumstead. It’s really exciting to be able to watch Woolwich and the surrounding area develop.

    Please get in touch as I would love to discuss the possibility of a private tasting session and article on jam!

    Many thanks

    • Hello! That sounds fabulous! It is great to see local people having a go and being creative. What’s your business email? I’ll drop you a line with my contact details 🙂

      • theteam permalink

        Hi TOWI

        Do you have the details for Catherine, so we can contact her for inclusion in rarese18?

        Thanks Louise


  7. Catherine piddington permalink

    Hi there – you can contact me at thanks!

  8. Love your blog 🙂 Woolwich rocks

  9. Din permalink

    Hi there – like everyone is saying in here, great blog! I found your blog very insightfully and great way to learn about the area.
    We are looking to open a friendly boutique 24 gym within the town centre. The idea is to provide a gym that is friendly and welcoming to everyone.
    We would like to get thoughts on this and how it would be perceived by the local community.
    It would be great if you could get in touch with us.
    Many thanks

  10. Ever since deciding to get ourselves a pied a terre in Woolwich (hubby’s place of birth), we have enjoyed your posts on local stuff. We’ve tried local eateries you mention, gone on outings to special places and generally looked at Woolwich and the Arsenal in a new light. And now, as long term CAFC supporters, we’re glad to see you are too! Thanks

  11. Stuart Collie permalink

    Hope one of your bloggers can help. Looking for the house and street on Woolwich Common where Lt General George Fead (or Faed) died in 1815

  12. jenny permalink

    Thank you for your blog! I live in Woolwich Maine and i enjoyed learning about where our hometown name came from.

  13. Eyre George Shaw permalink

    I live in Johannesburg and recently discovered that my great grandfather Maj-Gen George Shaw, CB, RA, 1822-1892 lived at 63 Wood Street, Woolwich. I cannot find any reference to Wood Street in that area. Maybe that whole area was later redeveloped and Wood Street eliminated. I would be very pleased if anyone could expand on this issue. Thanks a lot

  14. Hi, I work with Chris Hackett at the Terrace Cafe and Marie Soh who does popup nights at the Cornerstone Cafe (both in Royal Arsenal). We’d love to see your reviews. The Terrace Cafe is open weekdays 8am to 4pm. Marie’s next popup night is French-Cambodian Evening on 11 October

    It would also be great if I could write a guest post for your blog. (Here’s my blog:

    • Hi Alexis, I know, I really need to get down to the Supper Club. And to the Terrace. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog, I’ll have a look. Is Chris doing any more evening/weekend events this year?

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